Bachmann. Who? Bachmann Senior Staffer: “She Belly Flopped”

So hard to write a headline for an article about five or so maladies facing y’all’s favorite conservative gal other than Sarah ‘Fascist F**k’ Palin. “I have been interviewed by investigators,” says Peter Waldron, a former Bachmann staffer who’s embroiled in his own fight with his former boss, involving his allegations of pay-to-play politics and improper… (more)

Israeli Snipers Celebrate Murdering Children

Terrorism?  Mere racism?  What should we call it?

Pop Quiz: What State Has the Most Amended Constitution?

It’s Texas.  Those damn progressives.  450+ changes since 1836?  Yowzers. Now, what state changes their constitution the least?

Obama Wins!

I know you can make money if you hit on a pony with long odds… but come on.  Stick a fork in her.  She’s done.


Are you going to vote for a ‘man’ that doesn’t even drink beer? DOESN’T EVER DRINK BEER? Sounds like a commie or a ay-rabb to me. ———– Edit: BREAKING:  One of these candidates could kick the other’s ass in a brawl too.  (Not a bar brawl, because it could never happen in a bar.)

Romney Staffers Giving Supporters’ Children Hypothermia

This is happening right now at Mitt Romney’s rally in Pennsylvania.  Apparently it’s freezing, and Romney’s staff is refusing to let rally-goers leave. People are begging reporters for help.


He believes ever since George Bush Sr signed the Madrid Peace Process to divide the land of Israel in 1991, ‘America has been under God’s judgment since this event.’ McTernan said: ‘Obama is 100% behind the Muslim Brotherhood which has vowed to destroy Israel and take Jerusalem. ‘Both candidates are pro-homosexual and are behind the… (more)

Obama’s Birth – In KENYA

Obama Sr filmimg his sons birth in Kenya from Peter R on Vimeo.

DID YOU FORGET about teh TEA-BAGGER with teh family values, teh pro-lifer, with teh baby-moma he urged to ABORT THE LOVE CHILD?

If so, you can remember it over here.

Shocker: Family Values, Pro-Life Republican Rep. Urges Mistress to Get Abortion

“You told me you’d have an abortion, and now we’re getting too far along without one,” DesJarlais tells the woman at one point in the call while negotiating with her over whether he’ll reveal her identity to his wife. They then discuss whether he will accompany her to a procedure to end the sort of… (more)

NFL Players Weigh in on GAY Marriage: ‘Are you worried that if gay marriage became legal, all of a sudden you’d start thinking about penis?’

Kluwe’s letter to homophobic black Democrat Emmett Burns: How does gay marriage affect your life in any way, shape, or form? Are you worried that if gay marriage became legal, all of a sudden you’d start thinking about penis? (“Oh shit. Gay marriage just passed. Gotta get me some of that hot dong action!”) Will… (more)

Romney Meets Gay Veteran and Has PR Nightmare

Paul Ryan Not The Jews’ Cup-of-Tea ‘Jewish voters problematic for Paul Ryan’ excerpt: Time and again over the past year, Ryan has voted against stronger Iran sanctions. He opposed measures to prevent any business dealings with Iran’s crude oil industry, to punish mineral companies that do business with Iran, and to block Iranian government-tied enterprises from raising funds in the… (more)

Mitt Romney Hides His Taxes In a Lean-to

Paying taxes forthrightly has long been a matter of civic pride for most American politicians, a demonstration of honesty and of a willingness to share in society’s burdens. Since the Watergate era, presidential candidates have released several years of tax returns, allowing voters to peer at their financial choices and discern their entanglements. Bob Dylan… (more)

‎”If Obama can force you to get health insurance just by calling it a tax, then there is nothing to stop him from making you gay marry an illegal immigrant wearing a condom on a hydroponic pot farm powered by solar energy.”

‎”If Obama can force you to get health insurance just by calling it a tax, then there is nothing to stop him from making you gay marry an illegal immigrant wearing a condom on a hydroponic pot farm powered by solar energy.” — Stephen Colbert

Two percent of Americans believe Mitt is short for ‘Mittens’ — Another two percent believe Mittens real name is Gromit

According to a new survey by “Vanity Fair” and “60 Minutes”, a full 2% of the U.S. population thinks that “Mitt” is actually short for “Mittens.”  They believe his full legal name is Mittens Romney. Another 2% believe his real first name is Gromit. Reportedly, less than one percent of Americans believe his real full name… (more)


Why is no one talking about THAT?  He signed the nation’s first assault weapon ban.  He increased fees for gun owners 400 percent. 1994 – He backed two gun-control measures that were strongly opposed by the National Rifle Association: the Brady Law, which imposed a five-day waiting period on gun sales, and a ban on certain… (more)

Israel Is Having Domestic Problems With Violent, Racist Right-wingers Too

Some 1,000 protesters rallied in Tel Aviv’s Hatikva neighborhood on Wednesday and called for the ousting of African asylum seekers from Israel. Demonstrators attacked African passersby while others lit garbage cans on fire and smashed car windows. Another group of demonstrators stopped a shuttle taxi and searched for migrant workers among the passengers, while banging… (more)

Tacky Birther Racist, Arizona’s Co-Chairman of Romney’s Campaign, Claims He May Keep Obama Off Arizona Ballot

Ken Bennett, a Republican who is eyeing a bid to succeed Gov. Jan Brewer (R) in 2014, told conservative radio host Mike Broomhead that he is “not playing to the birthers.” “I’m not a birther,” Bennett said in the interview on KFYI. “I believe that the president was born in Hawaii — or at least, I hope he was.”… (more)

GOP Nutter Calls for Biblical Killing of the Gays

Mississippi state Rep. Andy Gipson (R) weighed in on President Barack Obama’sgay marriage decision last week, invoking a bible passage that calls for gay men to be “put to death.“ Stay classy, conservatives.

Dick Armey, Darling of the Tea Party, Used to Vote for Debt Limit Increases All the Time

Prior to joining FreedomWorks in 2003, chairman Dick Armey served nine terms in Congress. Six of those debt-limit votes took place between the time Armey was elected to the House in 1984 and his retirement at the beginning of 2003. Armey voted for at least five of those six: $179.9 billion in December 1985 (House roll… (more)

National Review Apologizes For Wrongly Accusing Elizabeth Warren of Plagiarism When Someone Else Actually Copied Her

Correction on Warren By Katrina Trinko May 18, 2012 7:05 P.M. I took down my earlier post on Elizabeth Warren plagiarizing from the book Getting On the Money Track.  On, the Warren book All Your Worth is listed as having been published January 9, 2006. As it turns out, that is the paperback publication date; the hardback book was published in March… (more)

Washington Times Retains Inveterate Plagiarist

These days, though, de Borchgrave is involved in some less praiseworthy pursuits. Alongside his other activities, the veteran newsman is a columnist for the Washington Times, the influential conservative broadsheet, where he once served as editor in chief. And in a handful of columns over the last year he has lifted passages verbatim, or nearly… (more)

Under Mitt Romney, Religious Maniac Bibi Will Be Proxy Secretary of State

In a telling exchange during a debate in December, Mr. Romney criticized Mr. Gingrich for making a disparaging remark about Palestinians, declaring: “Before I made a statement of that nature, I’d get on the phone to my friend Bibi Netanyahu and say: ‘Would it help if I say this? What would you like me to do?’ “… (more)

Romney Turns to Deficit, But Faith In GOP To Address Deficit Is Just Plain Idiotic

Mitt Romney decried the ballooning of the federal debt and said it “threatens what it means to be an American,” as he argued that government deficits are hurting the nation’s economic recovery and President Barack Obama has made the situation worse. “America counted on President Obama to rescue the economy, tame the deficit and help create jobs,” the… (more)

Mitt ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ Romney Set To Give Commencement Address to At Pucker-Assed-Christian-Flat-earther University

Liberty University, not Libertine University RULZ: 3. “Handholding is the only appropriate form of personal contact,” according to the school handbook, “The Liberty Way.” 4. Is the largest Christian university in the world, with some 12,500 on-campus students and 70,000 online. 5. Students may go to the movie theater — but R-rated films are strictly prohibited. 6. Dress… (more)

Young Romney Bullied Gays: Romney Denies It, Five of His Confederates Are Still Emotionally Scarred By It

Expressing their shame and remorse at the incident, the friends said that Mr Romney led a gang of pupils to a dorm room where Mr Lauber was sitting, shouting about how they were planning to cut his bleach-blonde hair that fell across one eye. “They came upon Lauber, tackled him and pinned him to the… (more)

Stand Your Ground Laws: ‘Special Rights’ for Obese, Fatass Gun Owners

Stand your ground laws are merely special rights laws for the fat.  Unable to retreat because they are fat, obese gun owners unanimously support these laws which prevent them from being more succulent prey for criminals.  Even the obese love child of Rob Port and JT Ready supports stand your ground laws (pictured here): Normal,… (more)

Shocker: Another Right-wing Border ‘Minuteman’ Turns Out to be a Heinous Murderer

We are all familiar with Shawna Forde, a former leader of the Tea Party affiliated boder enforcement group ‘Minutemen American Defense.’  She murdered a nine year old, and her dad, while putatively robbing Latino border residents for drugs.  She got the death penalty. Now hitting the news is the story of another multiple homicide. Ready… (more)

Rep Allen West Conjures Sen Joe McCarthy

Rep Allen West has claimed that 78 to 81 members of congress are members of the Communist party. He, and the GOP, are getting pathetically desperate. Say hello to your new permanent minority party. Senator Snowe’s lament still echoes in the memory hole: “You have to sit down and talk to people with whom you… (more)

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